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Qyntrix Terms of Service .
  Your use of Qyntrix services, products or websites is is subject to these terms of service, you can agree to these terms clicking to accept or agree where such an option is presented to you or by continuing to use the services.  
  If Qyntrix has provided or where you have translated these terms the English terms shall take precedence where there is a contradiction.  
  Qyntrix is continually developing it's products and services to provide its users with the best experience possible, the services you use may be changed or discontinued without prior notice as part of our continued development.  
  You may only access these services using the interfaces provided by Qyntrix.  
  The content available through these services may be provided by other parties and you agree to abide by their policies on the use of such content.  
  Qyntrix reserves the right (but has no obligation) to filter, refuse or remove any or all content from our services, specifically Qyntrix provides users with content filtering which is enabled by default, only registered users who have stated that they are over 18 years or older if local laws specify a different age (Qyntrix can not confirm the age of its users) can turn off this content filter.

The content filter relies on users who submit content to our directories to identify that content filtering should be applied to their submitted content, Qyntrix can not guarantee that all content is marked accordingly and each user may have a differing opinion on what they regard as requiring filtering.

By using these services you agree that you may be exposed to content that you may find offensive, you may report instances to Qyntrix where you feel content is not being filtered correctly, Qyntrix will make changes where it deems them necessary.
  In order to access certain services you may be required to provide information about yourself as part of the registration process, it if your sole responsibility to keep this information accurate and up to date.  
  All content belongs to their respective copyright holders. Content can be removed on request from the copyright holders. If you believe your copyright has been infringed, please contact us and we will remove the content, please note that Qyntrix may not actually host the offending content as it is not a hosting service.  
  Please use the contact page to submit questions regarding these terms.  
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